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Episode Five - Dum Ta Dum Dum Ta

Happy World Music Day! Episode 5 titled 'Dum Ta Dum Dum Ta' for the song Peel, off the upcoming album. I want to thank Hesham Abdul Wahab for always inspiring me and for helping me in Kerala with the recordings. He also gives his beautiful voice to the song and it is always a privilege to collaborate with him. He is the reason I even decided to take the first step to make Palayan a reality back in 2012. Thank you brother, hope you like the video. Episode Five - Dum Ta Dum Dum Ta Edit by Sanya Savia Sequeira Locations: SAE Institute Dubai #worldmusicday #worldmusicdayspecial

— with Hesham Abdul Wahab.

#Vlog #Episode5 #WorldMusicDay

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