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About Picture - Photoshoot

              In Sanskrit, Palayan means escape. The songs that Sandeep Savio Sequeira writes under this moniker are reflective of his need for the same – from everyday life and from the tropes and constraints of genre. However, the discipline and attention to detail he brings to this work ensures that it is anything but indulgent. 

A long standing contributor to Dubai’s independent music scene, Sequeira is well known for his work with indie rock quartet Physical Graffiti. In his solo venture, the artist uses his ability to construct vast, intricate arrangements to explore different sonic territory.

The singer and songwriter brings a variety of influences to his work as Palayan, punctuating deeply personal lyrics with impeccable musical choices. Straddling elements of alternative rock, folk, fusion and electro pop, he creates stunning soundscapes that feel fragile, vulnerable and unpredictable. 

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